Friday, October 22, 2010

I was curious if anybody would be interested in joining a "Guerrilla Poetry Crew".  Here's the basic idea:

1. Meet once a month on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon
2. Pick an area of the city with plenty of indie coffee shops, book and record stores, etc to head to
3. As a group, go in and ask the owner/manager if we can do an unannounced open mic
4. Set up and read to everyone, no one, or each other for that matter

There's Guerrilla groups in larger cities like Chicago and Milwaukee and they're actually getting A LOT of press.

As long as we do it respectful, the businesses will get as much out of it as we will.  Businesses in the other cities are using it as advertisement: "Where Will They Be Next?!"

I think this will be a great time, so if you're interested you can comment here, email me direct ( or come down to the Edgerton Book Festival's Book Fair on Saturday, October 23 from 10am-4pm and chat with me.

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